Commission work

Price guide.
I have attempted here to give an estimate of commission pricing. Project, of course, vary wildly, and actual pricing will be worked out after a thorough talk about the amount of work, you wishes and expectations for the project.

Many commission painters offer 3 or more ”Levels” of quality. I have chosen to offer only two, as I find it hard to stick with ”Basic” quality. Good tabletop quality

( How most of the gaming models in my galleries are painted)

( Basecolour, wash, 1-2 highlights)


( Exhibition/ Competition quality )

Display quality is charged at an hourly rate of 15 EUR. A single model in this quality will usually take 10+ hours of work to complete)
(25-30mm base)
20-30 EUR By demand.
Stort infanteri
(40mm+ baser)
( Ogres, Terminators)
30-55 EUR. By demand.
( Heste, Motorcykler, Light ´Jacks)
40-60 EUR

By demand.
Walkers, mindre køretøjer og monstre.
(50mm+ baser)
( F.eks. Warjacks, Dreadnoughts, T.A.G suits, Rhinos, Kareter)
80-120 EUR

By demand.
Mellem monstre og køretøjer
( Battleengines, Landraiders, Giants)
125-200 EUR By demand.
Store monstre og køretøjer
( F.eks. Drager, Knights, Gargantuans)
200-400 EUR By demand.
Cleaning, assembly, simple basing.
( Models are thoroughly cleaned, pinned and gapfilled where necessary)
Usually 3 EUR pr. model + 1 EUR pr. additional komponent. Really depends on the type of model and quality of casting. By demand.
Ekstra ydelser som avancerede baser, frihåndsarbejde, konversioner og skulptering. By demand. Full sculpts usually priced at 15 EUR pr. mm height. By demand.


Minimum orders of 200 EUR

I can paint one initial testmodel before beginning a full project. If the work continues after this testpiece is approved, the cost of the testmodel is simply substracted from the total order value.

If I need to purchase models or materials to begin the project, these will be charged before project is begun.

Deposit of 50% of order value is required on orders exceeding 400 EUR. Orders below this amount are charged in full at completion of project.

If payment is not made within 30 days of invoice date, Imitation of Life Miniatures retain the right to keep the project and sell it on to cover any losses sustained.

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